AabanName of the Angel
AadilJust, Upright
AaleeSublime, high
AalimReligious Scholar
AamilDoer, Work man
AarifKnowing, aware
AarizRespectable man
AaryanOf Utmost strength
AashifBold, courageous
AasifAn able minister
AasimPerson who keeps away from sins
AatifKind Affectionate
AausName of a tree
AayanGod’s gift
AbaanOld Arabic name
AbbasGloomy look
Abd Al-AlaServant of the High
Abdul AaleeSlave of the Most High
Abdul AdlServant of the just
Abdul AfuwServant of the one who pardons
Abdul AhadServant of he who is one (Allah)
Abdul AleemSlave of the Omniscient
Abdul AliServant of the High one
Abdul AlimServant of the All knowing
Abdul AwwalServant of the First One
Abdul AzeezThe Slave of the most powerful
Abdul AzimServant of the great
Abdul AzizSlave of the powerful one
Abdul BaariSlave of the Creator
Abdul BaasitSlave of the Extender and Creator
Abdul BadeeServant of the originator
Abdul BaithServant of the one who raises death
Abdul BaqiServant of the Eternal
Abdul BariServant of the creator
Abdul BaseerServant of the All-seeing
Abdul BatinServant of the unseen
Abdul FattahServant of the opener, Servant of the giver of victory
Abdul GhafaarSlave of the Forgiver
Abdul GhafoorSlave of the Forgiver
Abdul HafeezServant of the Protector
Abdul HafizServant of the Guardian
Abdul HakamSlave of the Arbitrator
Abdul HakeemSlave of the Wise
Abdul HaleemSlave of the Mild and Patient
Abdul HalimServant of the Wise
Abdul HameedSlave of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised
Abdul HamidServant of the Praiseworthy
Abdul HannanServant of the Merciful
Abdul HaqSlave of the Truth
Abdul HaseebSlave of the Respected and Esteemed
Abdul HasibServant of the Reckoner
Abdul HayyServant of the Living
Abdul JabaarSlave of the Mighty
Abdul JaleelSlave of the Great and Revered
Abdul JawwadServant of the Bountiful
Abdul KabirServant of the Great
Abdul KareemSlave of the Noble and Generous
Abdul KarimServant of the Gracious
Abdul KhabirServant of the one who is aware
Abdul LateefSlave of the Kind
Abdul MaajidServant of the Excellence
Abdul MaalikServant of the Master, the Lord
Abdul MajeedSlave of the Glorious
Abdul ManiServant of one who prevents
Abdul MannanServant of the Benefactor
Abdul MateenServant of the Firm
Abdul MubdeeServant of the Originator
Abdul MueedServant of the Restorer, the Reproducer
Abdul MuhaiminSlave of the Supervising, the Guardian and the Protector
Abdul MuhayminServant of the Protector
Abdul MuhsinServant of the Benefactor
Abdul MuhyeeServant of the one who gives life and sustains it
Abdul MuizSlave of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul MujeebSlave of the Responder
Abdul MunimServant of the Generous
Abdul MuntaqimServant of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution
Abdul MuqeetServant of the Sustainer
Abdul MuqsitServant of the Just
Abdul MusawwirServant of the Fashioner
Abdul MutaalSlave of the Most High
Abdul MutiServant of the Giver
Abdul MuzanniHe was a narrator of Hadith
Abdul NafiServant of the Propitious
Abdul NaseerServant of the Helper
Abdul NoorServant of the one who is Light
Abdul QaadirSlave of the Capable
Abdul QadeerServant of the Powerful
Abdul QadirServant of the Powerful
Abdul QahaarSlave of the Subduer and the Almighty
Abdul QayyumServant of the Self-Subsistent
Abdul QudoosSlave of the Most Holy
Abdul RaafiSlave of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
Abdul RabbServant of the Lord
Abdul RafiServant of the Exalter
Abdul RaheemSlave of the Most Compassionate
Abdul RahimServant of the Compassionate
Abdul RahmanSlave of the merciful one
Abdul RaqibServant of the Vigilant
Abdul RaufSlave of the merciful
Abdul TawwabServant of the Acceptor of repentance, the relenting
Abdul WaaliServant of the Governor
Abdul WahidServant of the Unique
Abdul WajidServant of the Finder, the Perceiver
Abdul WakilServant of the Trustee
Abdul WaliyServant of the Protecting Friend
Abdul WasiServant of the All Embracing
Abdul-AaleeSlave of the Most High
Abdul-AdheemSlave of the Most Great
Abdul-AleemSlave of the All-Knowing
Abdul-BaaqiSlave of the Everlasting
Abdul-BaariSlave of the Evolver
Abdul-BaasitSlave of the Expander
Abdul-BarrSlave of the source of Goodness
Abdul-DhahirSlave of the Manifest
Abdul-GhaffarSlave of the forgiver
Abdul-GhafurSlave of the All-Forgiving
Abdul-GhaniSlave of the Self-Sufficient
Abdul-HadiSlave of the Guide
Abdul-HafeedhSlave of the Preserver
Abdul-HakeemSlave of the Wise
Abdul-HaleemSlave of the Forbearing One
Abdul-HameedSlave of the Praiseworthy
Abdul-HaqqSlave of the Truth
Abdul-HaseebSlave of the Reckoner
Abdul-JabbarSlave of the Compeller
Abdul-JaleelSlave of the Sublime One
Abdul-KareemSlave of the Most Generous
Abdul-KhaliqSlave of the Creator
Abdul-LateefSlave of the Subtle One
Abdul-MajeedSlave of the Most Glorious
Abdul-MajidSlave of the Noble
Abdul-MalikSlave of the Sovereign Lord
Abdul-Mu’eidSlave of the Restorer
Abdul-Mu’izzSlave of the Honourer
Abdul-MughniSlave of the Enricher
Abdul-MujeebSlave of the Responsive
Abdul-MuminSlave of the Guardian of Faith
Abdul-MuqtadirSlave of the Powerful
Abdul-Muta’aleeSlave of the Most Exalted
Abdul-NurSlave of the Light
Abdul-QaadirSlave of the Able
Abdul-QahharSlave of the Subduer
Abdul-QaiyoumSlave of the Self-Sustaining
Abdul-QuddusSlave of the Holy
Abdul-RasheedSlave of the rightly guided
Abdul-RashidSlave of the rightly guided
Abdul-WaajidSlave of the Finder
Abdul-WadoodSlave of the Loving
Abdul-WahhabSlave of the Bestower
Abdul-WarithSlave of the Supreme Inheritor
AbdullahSlave of Allah
Abdur RahmanServant of Allah
Abdur RashidServant of the Guide
Abdur RazzaqServant of the provider;
Abdur-RaheemSlave of the Most Merciful
Abdur-RahmanSlave of the Most Gracious
Abdur-RaqeebSlave of the Watchful
Abdur-RasheedSlave of the Guide to Right Path
Abdur-RaufSlave of the Compassionate
Abdur-RazzaqSlave of the Provider
AbdusName of the narrator of one of the hadith
Abdus SaburServant of the Forbearing
Abdus SalaamServant of the Giver of Peace
Abdus SamadServant of the Eternal, The Independent
Abdus SamiServant of the All Hearing
Abdus SattarServant of the one who conceals faults
Abdus ShafiServant of the Healer
Abdus SubboohServant of the Extremely pure
Abdus-SabourSlave of the Patient
Abdus-SalaamSlave of the Source of Peace
Abdus-SamadSlave of the Eternal
Abdus-SameeiSlave of the All-Hearing
Abdus-ShaheedSlave of the Witness
Abdus-ShakurSlave of the Appreciative
Abdush ShahidServant of the Witness
AbisaliWarrior in Islam
AbradHail, Mail
AbrashSpotted, Speckled
AbsiProbably from ABASA to frown; this was the name of Abdullah ibn-
 Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran, died 828/829
Abt’hiOne who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah
Abul-HassanThe Son Of Ali
AbyadA narrator of hadith was so named
AbzariSeeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; the Persian scribe and
 memoriser of tradition, Abu-Ishaq Ibrahim had this name
AdamA Prophet’s Name
AdawiGrandson of Sayyindina Umer
Adbul-QawiSlave of the Most Powerful
AdeebA literary Person
AdelHonourable Judge, One who jugdes Fairly
AdheemThe most great
AdilJust, Honest
AdiyA companion of the Prophet; also the name of the son of Hatim
 Tiay known for his generosity; also the son of Thabit had this name
AdnanA tribal ancestor of the Quraysh, the Prophet (S.A.W) was from
 this tribe; there were other noted men too later in history who had
 this name; for instance, word bin Hakim, a scholar of Basrah
Aduz ZahirServant of the Manifest
AdyanA nabee was named by this name
AfaaqThe place where Earth & Sky meet
AfeefPure, Chaste, Pious
AffanForgiving person
AfifChaste, Modest
AflahGaining success-but the Prophet (S.A.W) has discouraged us from
 giving such names to our children; according to Sayyidina Jab (R.A),
 The Prophet (S.A.W) intended to forbid such names as Yala, Barakah,
AfrazStanding tall like a mountain, ability to withstand all that is
 thrushed upon it
AfruzStanding tall like a mountain, ability to withstand all that is
 thrushed upon it
AftaabBright, prosperous, the sun
AfzalBest, top most
AgharrHandsome, beautiful, distinguished illustrious, noble,
 Magnanimous. Name of a companion of the Prophet, bin al-Muzan
AhadThe one
AhmadMost highly adored
AhmarRed Coloured
AhnafName of one of the narrators of hadith
AhsanThe best of all
AhwasHaving narrow, contracted or squinting eyes
AhyanGift of God
AhzabName of one of the narrators of Hadith
AidanHelp, intelligent
AidhName of a reciter of the Holy Quran
AjlahA narrator of hadith had this name
AkdasMost holy book
AkhasA narrator of hadith
AkhdanBest Friend
AkhfashThere have been several men of this name; there were
AkhlaqGrammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th century
AkhtarA Star, good man
AkifAttached, Intent
AkramMore Generous
Al hakeemThe Wise
Al-KareemEducator, teacher
AliNoble, sublime, fourth Caliph of Islam
AlmanKind, willing and wise man
AltamashName of a famous king
AmaanThe most loveable
AmaarOne who prays 5 times and fasts
AmamSafety, Protection
AmeerCommander, Prince, Khalifah
AminFaithful, trustworthy, custodian
AmjadMore glorious, more illustrious
AmmaarOne with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi , one of the early muslims,
 son of Yasir and Sumaya Rad
AmmarLong of age
AmrBy my life
AnasLove, affection
AnasahThe freed Servant of the Prophet had this name
AneesIntimate, friendly
AnisClose friend, companion
AnsarThe first people who converted to the religion of Islam were the
 people of Ansar
AntarahThis was the name of the freed Servant of Sulaym
AnwaarLight, glow, gleam
AnwarMore radiant
AnzarAngel of paradise
AqdasHoly, pure
AqeelWise, Intelligent
ArbabWho looks after someone or takes care
AreebSkilful, Adroit
ArifAcquainted, knowledgeable
ArishA brave soldier
ArmaanDesire, hope
ArmanArmy man
ArqamPen, Speckled snake;
ArsalThe one who was sent
ArshDominion , Crown
ArshadBetter guided, honest
ArshaqHandsome, well proportioned
ArtahA narrator of the hadith
AryanOf utmost strength
AsarFourth Prayer of the day
AsbaghColoured animal, huge flood, dyer
AsbatA narrator of hadith
AseedA narrator of Hadith
AsfarThe morning’s light
AsgharShorter, Smaller, Junior
Asha’athScattered, Spread about, humble
AsharOne who has wisdom
AshazOne in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet
AsherWise, knowledgeable
AshfaqCompassionate friend
AshikLover, Love
AshmathCorrect path, Straight path
AsrarSecret/Sacred relating to Islam
AtaGift, Present
AtaubaqHandsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share
AteebVery pious
AtharNeat, Clean
AthazazUnknown, Mystery, Maze
AthierLion hearted
AtifUnited, Joined, Together
AtikThe black cloth of the Qaaba
AtiqAncient, Noble
AwadReward, Compensation
AwfGuest, fragrance, lion;
AwnTo help, assist
AwsTo give
AyaanGod’s gift
AyazA sincere Servant of Mahmoud the king once upon a time
AybakIbn-Aybak was a leading historian
AydinBrilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon
AymanRight Hand
AyubA prophet of Allah (swt)
AyyashBread seller
AyyubAyyub was a Prophet of Islam. Famous for his patience in the face of
 severity and hardship.
AzaanCall for the prayer
AzeemGreat, greater
AzmatRespect, honour
AzraqBlue, name of a companion of the Prophet
AzraqiHe was an authority on the geography and history of Makkah
AzzamDetermined, resolved
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